The Nature of Clichés – Honest Thoughts

Clichés can hurt your writing, but can also be an opportunity. Learning to identify and handle clichés is an important skill for a writer to learn. Writer’s worried about finding clichés in their writing might find this video helpful as I cover a few of the many ways one can utilize clichés to their advantage. It’s not just about eliminating clichés, but a clever writer can use clichés to shape and subvert audience expectation.

Welcome to my first honest thoughts video. This will not replace Terrible Writing Advice. Too much positivity is poisonous to me. Rest assured, the cynicism will return next video.

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Terrible Writing Advice – Chapter 19: Finishing a Story

A writer should focus all of their energy worrying about if they are going to be a good writer. It’s the only way to finish writing a story. Hikers don’t finish a hike by actually walking right? No! They accomplish their long journey by agonizing over taking the first steps and planning every petty detail of their long hike. That’s how a writer should do things too!

My Honest Thoughts on How to Finish a Story...

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Terrible Writing Advice – Chapter 18: Antiheroes

The steely stare of the bitter and lone writer need not be in vane! Why struggle to write a hero when you can write an antihero instead? Antiheroes are way cooler which means a writer can put even less effort into them than other characters! Even better, maturity is optional when writing an antihero. The best antiheroes are the ones that conform to what a 13 year old thinks is cool! A writer can even skimp on dialog when it comes to writing an antihero! So dial your self-awareness back and get ready to brood up a storm as we write an antihero. Just be careful to not cut yourself on all the edginess.

My Honest Thoughts on Antiheroes...

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Terrible Writing Advice – Chapter 17: Alien Ecosystems

Alien worlds teeming with cliches can be dangerous for even the most skilled authors and space explorers. Especially since it seems like nearly every alien world consists entirely of man eating monsters or chest bursting parasites. But don’t worry. It’s not a stand up fight, but just another bug hunt. Just be sure to ditch your space helmet. You won’t need it as we design an alien ecology for our story!

My Honest Thoughts on Alien Ecosystems...

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Terrible Writing Advice – Chapter 16: Taking Criticism

A writer must stand ready to battle all foes. In this case that would be mean people in the comments section and reviewers who fail to recognize the author’s genius. They must be put in their place at any cost! Watch this video and an author will be ready to feed any troll… I mean fight any troll and win. Internet arguing is another form of writing after all.

My Honest Thoughts on Taking Criticism...

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Fanboy Expo

I am going to be at Fanboy Expo on the 23rd through the 25th of June in the east Tennessee Knoxville area. I'll be in the artist alley. Just look for the giant blue Aeon Legion banner. Stop by and say hello if you are in the area.

Visit the Fanboy Expo site for more details.

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Terrible Writing Advice – Chapter 14: BEGINNING A STORY

Starting a story is easy! Just drown the reader in so much info dumping and exposition that they can’t possibly escape! Once the reader is stuck, then trap them in a web of flashbacks, in medias res, and prologues. They will never escape then and will be forced to read the rest of your story. Don’t forget to use a mirror to describe how the main character looks!

My Honest Thoughts on Beginning a Story...

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Terrible Writing Advice – Chapter 13: CHOSEN ONES

Only the chosen one can save a story from poor sales! Is your fantasy or science fiction universe plagued by dark lords and ancient evil? Fix that problem with a chosen one! Results may vary. Contact your doctor if dark lord persists for more than three books. We cannot be held responsible for inaccurate prophecies or chosen ones turning evil. Side effects may include poor characterization, overpowered magic, overshadowed side characters, sudden mentor death, and Mary Sues.

My Honest Thoughts on the Chosen One...

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