Terrible Writing Advice – Chapter 28: Character Development

Character development is a long, careful process that can produce truly engaging and stellar story telling. Which is why we are going to use cheap shortcuts! Why put the effort into developing a character when we can fake it instead? Pretending to develop one's moral character is such a great trick that I use it in real life!

My Honest Thoughts on Character Development...

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Terrible Writing Advice – Chapter 25: Dark Lords

Need to menace a fantasy or science fiction world? Challenge your hero today with a Dark Lord! Our comprehensive Dark Lord package comes complete with a menacing fortress, terrifying minions, and an evil so great that it completely eliminates any need for characterization. So get your Dark Lord today with a full money back guarantee!*
*Offer null and void if magical macguffin breaks

My Honest Thoughts on Dark Lords...

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Terrible Writing Advice – Chapter 24: Intrigue Plots

I see you clicked on the show more button in the description. Excellent. Just as I planned. Intrigue plots need a few things to work. No, not a perfect synergy of mystery, tension, great characterization and exciting action. All intrigue needs is a bunch of hooded dudes spouting cryptic nonsense at a screen showing the protagonists as they struggle in vain to figure out what is going on. What is really going on? What is the truth? The audience doesn’t know, but the greatest truth is neither does the author.

My Honest Thoughts on Intrigue Plots...

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Terrible Writing Advice – Chapter 22: Fantasy Battles

A writer need not march off to face the forces of darkness unprepared for battle! All writers should arm themselves with the best and brightest clichés to aid them in their fight. After all, a writer should write with honor and courage and… HA HA HA! No. A writer should use every dirty trick in the book when writing a fantasy battle. Well so long as those don’t involve putting too much effort.

My Honest Thoughts on Fantasy Battles...

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