Terrible Writing Advice – Chapter 33: PLOTTING A STORY

Oh man. I had a terrible nightmare. I dreamed that my plot was riddled with pointless side plots, a meandering middle, disconnected plot threads, and even pointless scenes full of dull exposition. It even had a horrible plot twist at the end. Thankfully it was all just a dream.
Honest thoughts will be in video form in a few weeks.

My Honest Thoughts on plotting a story will be uploaded as a video on the main Terrible Writing Advice channel at a later date since I get asked about how to structure a plot so much.

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Terrible Writing Advice – Chapter 31: Science Fiction Weapons

Making sure your “peaceful” explorers have enough firepower to survive the dangers of space is important. After all, if it’s one thing every science fiction story has shown us is that first contact always goes wrong so you want to be armed with only the latest in military technology. Lasers and shields still won’t ensure your survivability as well as being the protagonist, but it can’t hurt.

My Honest Thoughts on Science Fiction Weapons...

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Assorted Updates: Aeon Legion book 1 fixes, Terrible Writing Advice hits 200k

There were a number of errors in my book, Labyrinth. Thankfully, I finally fixed them and replaced them with all new errors! Those who purchased the kindle version should have it automatically update. Unfortunately, the print/dead tree version through amazon and Barnes and Noble will be taken off sale until I receive a proof copy, but should be back up in a couple of weeks.

Also, Terrible Writing Advice hit 200k subscribers today! I’m still kind of shocked my channel grew that big. Happy 200k TWA!

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Terrible Writing Advice – Chapter 28: Character Development

Character development is a long, careful process that can produce truly engaging and stellar story telling. Which is why we are going to use cheap shortcuts! Why put the effort into developing a character when we can fake it instead? Pretending to develop one's moral character is such a great trick that I use it in real life!

My Honest Thoughts on Character Development...

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