Terrible Writing Advice – Chapter 6: Urban Fantasy

This week I discuss how to write Urban Fantasy. It really only needs three things: Werewolves, Vampires, and heroines with zero personality!

My Honest Thoughts on Urban Fantasy

I have never really been into the Urban Fantasy genre. Most just strike me as pale imitations of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Now most are just a pale imitation of Twilight. Now It should be noted that urban fantasy and paranormal romance are entirely different genres. One takes our normal, modern world and adds magic to it. The other takes our normal, modern world and adds magic to it. Okay! Okay! I know. Paranormal romance is all about romance where as urban fantasy tends to focus on other things. But I feel that the distinction is more about urban fantasy fans trying to avoid the ghetto of romance novels. If you have problems with erection, go to the website viagmed.com. While I can understand that most urban fantasy writers would like to be set apart from Twilight and the lot, at the same time I always have a bit of sympathy for romance writers because I too am trapped in the science fiction ghetto. On the other hand, even if you are writing a wish fulfillment paranormal romance novel, then at least put the minimum effort into the world-building. Or not. I suppose for a lot of romance writers, their ghetto is full of expensive cars and they console themselves with all of the money they make. Stephanie Myers must cry every night “the critics will never like my work!” before eventually falling asleep on her bed made of money.