Terrible Writing Advice – Chapter 8: MARKETING AND PROMOTION

Are you promoting a book? No? Well you should watch this video anyway to learn how to defend yourself against authors on a marketing spree!

My Honest Thoughts on Book Promotion and Marketing

I hate marketing. I would rather do just about anything other than marketing or promotion. I would rather edit than market. At least when I am editing I feel like I am making progress with something. I have never been fond of using social media either. It all just feels like shouting into a void. No. That is a bad comparison. It’s like trying to talk over a roaring crowd. I even feel like I am unwanted. Most forums out there have rules against posting links to prevent people like me from hawking their wares. Even blogs that review books are very picky about who they will review since they are covered up in good books. There is so much stuff out there, good and bad, that it’s hard even for quality work to get noticed and to be honest, I don’t lump myself completely in the quality section. Which is why I cleverly disguise my marketing in funny youtube videos! Then whenever I feel bad about sharing my crappy writing advice videos on the internet, I just remember all of the garbage that gets shared on my facebook feed and I feel much better.
By the way, that comment about blocking a potential customer’s escape was something I actually witnessed at a convention I attended. I watched a bunch of writers gang up on a poor guy who was just trying to go to the bathroom and they gave him a bunch of promotional cards before he slipped away with a bewildered look. It’s one of the reasons I keep an arm’s length away from the tables at the dealer’s room.