Terrible Writing Advice – Chapter 5: Alien Invasion

I, for one, welcome our alien overlords.

My Honest Thoughts on Alien Invasions

I’ve not really seen a good alien invasion story, or at least not one that I couldn’t poke holes in with even the slightest use of logic. Don’t get me wrong. I love ID4 as much as any hot blooded American, but why haven’t we seen an alien invasion story from the perspective of the aliens? The grandaddy of the alien invasion story is the War of the Worlds and it was a very unsubtle commentary on colonial imperialism. We need more of this. I really want to see an alien invasion story where the aliens just want to control Earth’s markets and play our feuding nation states against one another in order to achieve dominance over Earth. Basically I want a science fiction retelling of the East India Company. I think that this genre is long overdue for an update. Maybe we need a story about Earth’s resistance in joining a larger intergalactic community as a thinly veiled commentary on the problems of globalization. It would be a stark contrast with most science fiction which portrays humans as aggressively expansionist and social when I wonder if we would be just the opposite; xenophobic and isolationist. I guess I tend to believe that’s how humans would really act when faced with space faring aliens wanting to talk to us. I guess I expect the future to be less space politics and more space redneck.